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4 Pizza Oven Parts You Need To Stock Now!

4 Pizza Oven Parts You Need To Stock Now!

Owning a business has many expenses and the food industry is no exception. From food cost, labor, utilities and equipment to name a few. You do all you can to keep your establishment running smoothly and efficiently. Your equipment is powered on for over 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and unfortunately equipment breaks from time to time. Emergency repair services are costly, but having essential parts in stock will eliminate high costs and avoid establishment down time. Here are four parts that you should consider always having on hand.

The four pizza oven parts to stock are

1. Motor Start & Run Capacitor

A capacitor lets electricity pass through and helps protect your pizza oven by catching shorts and keeping charge stored to kick start and run the motor. Because it’s function is to catch short fuses it can overheat and even catch fire. Make sure you will tune the capacitor from time to time or even consider replacing it. Preventative care for your oven is very vital and this is a quick and very cheap way to make sure your oven is healthy and functioning well. Keeping a few of these on hand will eliminate equipment downtime as well as avoiding high costs for emergency repairmen.

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2. Control Cooling Axial Fan

The blades in cooling axial fans rotate parallel to the shaft which the blades rotate and force air out in the same direction. The fan is designed to create airflow with a high flow rate, which means it produces a large volume of airflow at a low pressure. Simply put, the control cooling axial fan prevents closed cavities from overheating and an optimal oven fan needs to have a high flow rate but also use minimal power. The fan works hard to keep your oven cool and efficient. They periodically go out but the good news is they are easily replaced and are very affordable. Consider keeping a spare or two in the busy seasons when your oven is working overtime.

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3. Blower Burner Motor

The blower burner is used to create an air fuel ratio and ensures that your oven doesn't catch fire. It helps maintain a consistent air flow throughout the oven. Your pizza oven is running at high temperatures which means a worn out or old blower burner could be a safety hazard for you and your employees. The high temperatures and long use could cause the blower burner to wear out over time needing replacement. Being prepared for such a repair could save you lots of time, other extensive problems and keep your pizza oven running swiftly.

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4. Thermocouple Probe

A common problem with commercial pizza ovens is that the pilot won't stay lit, this is usually due to a defective or worn out thermocouple. The thermocouple is a sensor that is used to measure temperature. When the junction experiences a change in temperature a voltage is created. Your oven is set to a desired temperature and the thermocouple provides the varying millivolts to the oven control, the oven control then supplies voltage to the temperature regulation valve to maintain the desired temperature.

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SyberParts has everything you need to keep your establishment running smoothly

Repairs don't have to be stressful and costly if you are well prepared and anticipate these common issues. By having these spare parts in your inventory for your oven on hand at all times, you can minimize downtime and keep production running smoothly. And importantly servicing your oven for issues before they become detrimental will extend the life of your establishments most expensive piece of equipment. Because let's face it, if everything in your establishment is running smoothly but your oven isn't working, you won't be open for operation.

At SyberParts, we have experts ready to answer all your parts and product questions. Fast shipping is included with every order to make sure you get the parts you need no matter if you're in the US, UK (United Kingdom), Australia or anywhere else on the globe.