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Pizza Conveyor Oven Review

Pizza Conveyor Oven Review

Quick service and fast casual chains use conveyor ovens because of their versatility and consistency. The speed of the conveyor belt as well as temperature are adjustable to any desired outcome. As long as the temperature and speed are set up correctly pizzas will come out identical and perfectly baked. There are many advantages to conveyor belt ovens.

Advantages of a Conveyor Oven

  1. Consistency: Once the belt speed and time are set, the pizzas will be baked consistently every time, more so than conventional ovens.
  2. Easy to Operate: Even the most entry level employee will be able to use the oven without burning the pizza. This will save the business money as they can hire less skilled labor.
  3. Moisture: Forced air in impinger ovens helps cook the food faster while retaining mixture because it forms a membrane around the food. 
  4. Better Workflow: Cooked food and ready food are naturally divided because the raw pizzas enter one side and exit on the other.
  5. Stackable: If your business needs require more than one oven, conveyor ovens have a stackable option for double the capacity.
  6. Versatility: Not only are these ovens perfect for pizzas, but they are great for pastas, chicken wings, garlic breadsticks, calzones and even churros. It's truly versatile. 

What can be cooked in a Conveyor Oven?

Because of it’s versatility and ease of use the conveyor oven can truly replace other baking devices and will do so while spreading up the cooking time. Not only do they cook different crust types (thick, thin, or pan) but they very efficiently and thoroughly cook pizzas that have many toppings.

Conveyor ovens are great for pastas, wings, breadsticks, calzones and churros as mentioned before but also, subs, hot sandwiches, roasting vegetables, tots, melting cheese on nachos, and nearly everything else that you would bake in a convection oven. Just be cognitive that the opening of these ovens is typically 3-4” high.

Types of Conveyor Ovens

Impinger Ovens

Impinger ovens are either gas or electric and the element heats the air from the back. The hot air is then blown above and below the food, striking the food products with high heat at high velocity. Impinger ovens are widely used because they can reduce baking time by 20%-25%, thus providing faster service to your customers. Popular brands include Lincoln and Middleby

Radiant Ovens

Traditionally, a radiant oven uses heating elements below and above the conveyor belt. It resembles a traditional conventional oven because the air is not circulated in the same way as the convection or impingement ovens. Infrared ovens are similar but use ceramic elements and the heat penetrates organic material causing the molecules to move creating friction and energy that is turned into heat, resulting in a quicker cooking inside and out.


There are a variety of options when purchasing a conveyor oven based on your business needs. The belts come in a variety of sizes, with an average belt size of 15 to 20 inches but go up to as wide as 32 inch for large batches. They offer split belts that are divided into two sections and give the versatility to adjust both sides to different speeds to bake different products at the same time. They also have stackable models that allow double the baking capacity without taking up kitchen floor space. 

Ventless Oven

Impinger and conveyor ovens require to be placed under a hood. Some facilities dont have the appropriate space for one to be installed, some models come with a ventless optional. Although not allowed in all jurisdictions due to food and health safety, the ventless option uses a filter or catalytic converter to collect grease that is produced from cooking eliminating the need for an outside hood.

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