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4 Types of Pizza Ovens and How They Work

4 Types of Pizza Ovens and How They Work

Dine in or delivery, red sauce or white sauce, pineapple or no pineapple, thin crust or thick crust? Maybe you’ve wondered what makes some pizza shops produce amazing pizza and some produce mediocre pizza. Whether you are a pizza lover or considering opening your own pizza shop and want to sell the most delicious pizza in town, this information will help you understand how pizza ovens affect how pizza tastes. 

In short, the four types of pizza ovens are: 

  1. Conveyor Pizza Oven 
  2. Deck Pizza Oven 
  3. Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 
  4. Countertop Pizza Oven  

Lets get into the details of the 4 pizza oven types  

Conveyor Oven

Quick service and fast casual chains use conveyor ovens because of their speed, consistency and ease of use if maintained property. The speed of the conveyor belt as well as temperature are adjustable to any desired outcome. As long as the temperature and speed are set up correctly pizzas will come out identical and perfectly baked. There are many advantages to a conveyor belt ovens: they require very minimal monitoring once the pizza is in the oven, because of the ease of use entry level employees will be less likely to burn the pizzas or make mistakes during baking, they also cook chicken wings, cheese bread, calzones, mozzarella sticks, fries, and even pastas.

There are a variety of options when purchasing a conveyor oven based on your business needs. The belts come in a variety of sizes, with an average belt size of 15 to 20 inches but go up to as wide as 32 inch for large batches. They offer split belts that are divided into two sections and give the versatility to adjust both sides to different speeds to bake different products at the same time. They also have stackable models that allow double the baking capacity without taking up kitchen floor space. 

The Deck Oven 

Deck ovens bake pizza on heated stone decks replicating the effect of a traditional stone oven. The pizzas are baked evenly and the porous structure creates a crispy texture because it removes the moisture from the dough.

Standalone deck ovens take up a great deal of kitchen space they generally measure three to four feet deep and several feet wide. They are heated by gas but can be ordered in natural gas or propane. The surfaces in the deck oven are made of natural stone but they do come in numerous alternative materials such as steel, which is cheaper but doesn't conduct heat as evenly as stone, as well as synthetic minerals that are more durable than natural stone.

Deck ovens are oftentimes used as the centerpiece of a restaurant. Specialty decks ovens are designed with a decorative stone facade that add to the visual appeal. 

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 

A wood burning oven is by far as authentic and traditional as it gets without having to build it from bricks and mud. Many wood-burning ovens get their primary cooking heat from gas that still produce smoky flavors, delicious aromas, and an attractive visual appeal.

The most authentic pizza conceivable uses wood as its fuel source popular with outdoor patio pizza ovens, but can be installed indoors when a proper ventilation system is installed. 

Countertop Pizza Oven 

Countertop pizza ovens are available for smaller businesses such as concession stands, bowling alleys, bards and pubs. They are less powerful countertop ovens can defrost a frozen pizza or and the more powerful ones can bake fresh pizzas. These small scale ovens are a cheaper option especially for establishments whose pizza isn't their main cuisine.

Consider investing in a countertop deck oven if you are serious about your pizza. This oven is a great option for those facilities who have limited space but want to take advantage of the stone or metal decks. Many countertop ovens come with impingement heating which speeds up the bake time by using convection fans to circulate heated air. 

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