4 Easy Steps to Test Your Pizza Oven Gear Motor

4 Easy Steps to Test Your Pizza Oven Gear Motor

Your conveyor oven being down for even an hour can cause major losses to those days bottom line. Below we listed an easy way to test your oven gear motor using tools you already own. 

  1. Remove the motor from the chain
  2. Connect the motor to a cordless drill battery (preferably 18v or more)
  3. Fuse the battery, to be safe and not to hurt the battery (you should short the wires).
  4. The motor will turn fairly slow but this will show if the motor works with a pure DC voltage, that is at the lower end of the motor voltage range.

If the motor is spinning, this will indicate that the motor is working and it is not causing issue for oven.

I follow the steps but the motor is not turning, whats next?

Examine the ends of the brushes for burning. If the motor is overloaded it can leave a burnt spot on the rotor commutator and the brush ends. Sometimes new brushes will fix this problem. Replacing the brushes can be an easy and inexpensive solutions. 


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