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Top Pizza Chains in the USA: Discover America's Favorites

Top Pizza Chains in the USA: Discover America's Favorites

Welcome to the tantalizing and topsy-turvy world of American pizza chains, where the cheese is stretchy, the crusts are inventive, and the toppings know no bounds. In this blog, we're slicing into the heart of the U.S.'s pizza scene, a realm where Italian tradition meets American ingenuity, and where a simple pie can spark culinary debates and fandoms. From coast to coast, Americans share a universal love for pizza, yet each pizza chain brings its own zesty twist to this classic dish. We'll embark on a delicious journey through the most popular pizza chains in the USA, uncovering the secrets behind their doughy dominance and why they've captured the hearts (and stomachs) of so many.

As we pepperoni our way through the list, remember, this isn't just a roundup—it's a celebration of the great American pizza mosaic. Picture this: the quick-fire delivery of Domino's that has saved countless movie nights; the arcade antics and cheesy slices of Chuck E. Cheese's, a childhood staple; and the chic, unconventional toppings of California Pizza Kitchen that have turned pizza into a gourmet affair. We're dishing out more than just names; we're diving into the stories, the quirks, and the unique flavors that make these chains a slice above the rest. So, loosen your belt, grab a napkin, and join us on a mouth-watering adventure through the pizza paradises of the USA. Let's find out why, when it comes to pizza, America doesn't just follow the recipe—it rewrites it! 🍕

Here are the top 30 most beloved pizza chains across the USA

Domino's Pizza

Known for its fast delivery and a wide variety of pizza options, Domino's is one of the largest and most popular pizza chains in the U.S. Beyond its speed and variety, Domino's has embraced technology like no other, offering a seamless online ordering experience that includes the Pizza Tracker, a real-time update of your pizza's journey from oven to doorstep. This innovation, coupled with a menu that includes everything from traditional pizzas to unique specialties and sides, keeps customers coming back. Domino's commitment to quality and convenience has solidified its place in the hearts (and stomachs) of pizza lovers nationwide.

Pizza Hut

With its signature pan pizza and a variety of other options, Pizza Hut has been a staple in the American pizza market for decades. This iconic chain has cultivated a rich heritage of bringing people together over great pizza. It's not just the pan pizza that's made them famous; their stuffed crust pizza has become a beloved favorite for those who believe the more cheese, the better. Pizza Hut's dedication to delivering memorable dining experiences extends to their WingStreet wings, making it a one-stop shop for family dinners and gatherings, continuing to innovate while staying true to their roots.

Little Caesars

Famous for its "Hot-N-Ready" pizzas and affordable pricing, Little Caesars is a popular choice for quick and convenient pizza. This brand has mastered the art of efficiency, allowing customers to grab a freshly made pizza without the wait. Little Caesars' appeal goes beyond just speed; their Crazy Bread has a cult following, proving that their menu has delights that extend well beyond the pizza box. As a pioneer in value-driven dining, Little Caesars continues to offer a straightforward, no-frills approach to pizza, making it a go-to option for families and pizza lovers looking for quality at a great price.

Papa John's

Known for its slogan "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.", Papa John's has a significant presence across the country. This commitment to quality is evident in every slice, with fresh, hand-tossed dough and toppings that are a cut above. Papa John's distinguishes itself with its signature garlic sauce, a flavorful addition that has garnered a dedicated fan base. The brand's focus on quality ingredients and a customer-first approach has made it a formidable competitor in the pizza industry, offering a premium pizza experience that resonates with discerning pizza aficionados.

Papa Murphy's

This chain is unique for its "take-and-bake" model, where pizzas are made to order but not baked in the store. Customers then bake the pizzas at home. This innovative approach allows for a freshly baked pizza experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. Papa Murphy's caters to the desire for a home-cooked meal without the prep work, offering a variety of options from classic favorites to gourmet creations. Their model emphasizes freshness and customization, making Papa Murphy's a favorite for those who want to enjoy a hot, fresh pizza exactly when they want it.

Marco's Pizza

Marco's has been gaining popularity with its focus on authentic Italian quality and fresh ingredients. This dedication to authenticity is reflected in their classic and specialty pizzas, which are made with a proprietary cheese blend and dough prepared fresh daily. Marco's Pizza stands out for its commitment to traditional Italian craftsmanship, combined with an innovative menu that includes subs, salads, and meatballs made according to family recipes. As Marco's Pizza continues to expand, it remains focused on delivering a taste of Italy to customers, one delicious pizza at a time.

Round Table Pizza

Known for its gourmet ingredients and unique flavor combinations, Round Table Pizza has a loyal following. This chain prides itself on the motto "The Last Honest Pizza," emphasizing their commitment to quality and integrity in their ingredients. Round Table's menu features pizzas named after knights of the round table, adding a fun, thematic element to the dining experience. With a dedication to crafting pizzas that go beyond the ordinary, Round Table Pizza has carved out a niche for those seeking a premium pizza experience, blending traditional techniques with innovative flavors.

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

CPK is known for its innovative and non-traditional pizzas, like the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza. This brand has redefined the boundaries of pizza with a menu that includes a wide range of global flavors and ingredients, from Thai Chicken to Wild Mushroom. California Pizza Kitchen's approach to pizza is anything but ordinary, offering a culinary adventure that extends beyond the pizza stone. With a commitment to creativity and quality, CPK continues to be a favorite for those looking to explore new pizza horizons in a sophisticated, casual dining environment.

Jet's Pizza

Famous for its Detroit-style deep-dish pizza, Jet's has carved out a niche for itself in the pizza market. This brand is synonymous with square, deep-dish pizzas that boast a crispy, buttery crust, topped with premium mozzarella and a variety of fresh toppings. Jet's Pizza has built a loyal following with its dedication to quality and its signature turbo crust option, adding a flavorful blend of spices to the crust. With a menu that also features hand-tossed round pizzas, salads, and subs, Jet's offers something for everyone, maintaining its reputation for delivering flavor-packed, satisfying meals.

Hungry Howie's

Known for its flavored crusts, Hungry Howie's offers a unique twist on traditional pizza offerings. This brand has differentiated itself in the crowded pizza space with a simple yet innovative concept: flavored crusts that add an extra layer of deliciousness to every bite. From garlic herb to asiago cheese, these distinctive crusts have made Hungry Howie's a go-to for those looking to spice up their pizza routine. Alongside a variety of pizzas, subs, and salads, Hungry Howie's remains committed to delivering a unique and flavorful pizza experience, proving that sometimes, it's the crust that makes the pizza.

Chuck E. Cheese's

While primarily known as a family entertainment center, Chuck E. Cheese's also serves a variety of pizzas, making it a popular spot for children's parties and family outings. The brand combines fun and food, offering a menu that appeals to both kids and parents alike. With a focus on creating memorable experiences, Chuck E. Cheese's pizzas are part of a larger offering that includes arcade games, animatronic shows, and play zones. This unique blend of entertainment and dining has made Chuck E. Cheese's a beloved destination for families seeking a fun and engaging atmosphere alongside their meal.


Commonly found in malls, airports, and service plazas, Sbarro is known for its New York-style pizza and is a popular choice for quick dining. This brand offers a taste of authentic Italian cuisine with its hand-stretched dough, San Marzano tomato sauce, and high-quality mozzarella. Sbarro stands out for its ability to deliver fresh, made-from-scratch pizzas in a fast-paced environment, catering to travelers and shoppers looking for a quick yet satisfying meal. With a menu that also includes pasta, stromboli, and salads, Sbarro continues to be a go-to for those in search of convenience without compromise on quality.

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza offers a fast-casual dining experience where customers can customize their pizzas with a variety of toppings, and the pizzas are then quickly cooked in a blazing hot oven. This brand has revolutionized the pizza industry with its build-your-own pizza concept, allowing customers to craft their perfect pizza with fresh, artisanal ingredients. Blaze Pizza's commitment to quality and speed has made it a favorite among those who value both customization and convenience. With a modern, inviting atmosphere, Blaze provides a dining experience that's both fast and enjoyable, proving that fast-casual can also mean high-quality.

MOD Pizza

Similar to Blaze, MOD Pizza is a fast-casual chain that allows customers to create their own pizzas with various toppings. This brand emphasizes individuality and choice, offering a vast selection of toppings, sauces, and crusts that ensure no two pizzas are alike. MOD Pizza's mission extends beyond pizza, aiming to make a positive impact in the communities it serves through initiatives like "Spreading MODness." With a focus on serving up artisan-style pizzas in a welcoming environment, MOD Pizza caters to those looking for a quick, delicious, and personalized meal that reflects their unique tastes and preferences.

Godfather's Pizza

Known for its thick crust "Mozza-Loaded" pizzas, Godfather's Pizza has been a staple in some regions of the U.S. This brand takes pride in its hearty, flavorful pizzas that are generously topped and baked to perfection. Godfather's Pizza's menu also includes a variety of classic Italian dishes, making it a full-service destination for families and groups seeking a robust dining experience. With a distinctive mafia-themed branding, Godfather's Pizza offers more than just a meal; it provides an atmosphere that's as memorable as its food, making it a beloved choice for those in search of comfort food with character.

Cici's Pizza

Famous for its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, Cici's offers a variety of pizzas, pasta, salads, and desserts. This brand is synonymous with value and variety, allowing diners to explore a wide range of pizza flavors and styles at an affordable price. Cici's Pizza creates a family-friendly environment where everyone can find something they love, from classic cheese pizzas to adventurous new creations. The buffet model encourages exploration and indulgence in a casual setting, making Cici's a popular destination for families and groups looking to enjoy a hearty meal without breaking the bank.

Mountain Mike's Pizza

Popular in the Western United States, Mountain Mike's is known for its crispy, curly pepperonis and family-friendly environment. This brand celebrates the great outdoors with a rustic theme that's reflected in both its decor and pizza names. Mountain Mike's dedication to quality is evident in their use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and a dough that's prepared daily. With a menu that includes both classic and unique pizza offerings, as well as wings, salads, and sandwiches, Mountain Mike's Pizza provides a welcoming, comfortable dining experience for adventurers and pizza lovers alike.

Mellow Mushroom

Offering a more eclectic and bohemian vibe, Mellow Mushroom serves stone-baked pizzas with a variety of unique toppings. This brand stands out for its artistic interiors and a menu that pushes the boundaries of traditional pizza with options like the Kosmic Karma and Thai Dye. Mellow Mushroom's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options caters to a diverse crowd. With a laid-back atmosphere and a creative approach to pizza, Mellow Mushroom is a haven for those seeking a dining experience that's as unique and vibrant as its menu.

Villa Italian Kitchen

Known for its traditional Italian pizzas, pasta, and entrées, Villa Italian Kitchen offers a taste of Italy in many shopping centers and airports. This brand prides itself on authentic recipes and fresh ingredients, providing a quick-service option that doesn't compromise on flavor. Villa Italian Kitchen's commitment to tradition is seen in its classic pizza offerings, made with homemade dough and topped with hand-crushed tomato sauce and 100% whole milk mozzarella. For those seeking a slice of authenticity on the go, Villa Italian Kitchen serves up a piece of Italian heritage with every order.

Boston's The Gourmet Pizza

Boston's offers a diverse menu including gourmet pizzas, pasta, and a variety of American dishes, catering to a wide range of tastes. This brand combines the casual atmosphere of a sports bar with the quality of a sit-down restaurant, making it a versatile destination for dining out. Boston's commitment to freshness and innovation is evident in their menu, which features a mix of classic favorites and new, exciting flavors. Whether you're watching the game with friends or enjoying a family dinner, Boston's The Gourmet Pizza provides a welcoming environment where everyone can find something to love.


Famous for its Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, Giordano's is a staple in the Midwest and has been expanding its presence in other regions. This brand is renowned for its thick, buttery crust filled with cheese and topped with a chunky tomato sauce. Giordano's deep-dish pizza is more than just a meal; it's an experience, requiring a fork and knife to delve into its layers of flavors. With a dedication to the authenticity of Chicago-style pizza, Giordano's has won the hearts of deep-dish aficionados and continues to introduce new diners to this indulgent style of pizza.

Lou Malnati's

Another popular Chicago-style deep-dish pizza chain, Lou Malnati's is known for its rich flavors and buttery crust. Lou Malnati's commitment to quality is evident in their use of exclusive sausage blends, vine-ripened tomatoes, and Wisconsin cheese. This brand's deep-dish pizza is a testament to the Malnati family's legacy in the Chicago pizza scene, offering a taste that's both authentic and innovative. With a warm, inviting atmosphere, Lou Malnati's is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, serving up slices of Chicago history with every pizza.

Casey's General Store

While primarily a convenience store chain, Casey's is famous for its made-from-scratch pizza and is a beloved choice in many smaller towns and rural areas. This brand has built a reputation for its breakfast pizzas and the use of fresh ingredients, making it a unique player in the pizza industry. Casey's General Store offers a comforting stop for travelers and a convenient option for locals, proving that great pizza can come from the most unexpected places. With a focus on community and service, Casey's continues to be a gathering place where pizza and people come together.

Rosati's Pizza

A chain known for its Chicago-style pizzas, particularly its deep-dish and thin-crust options, along with a variety of Italian-American dishes. Rosati's Pizza prides itself on using family recipes that have been passed down through generations, emphasizing the importance of tradition in its offerings. The brand's commitment to quality ingredients, including homemade sauce and freshly grated cheese, ensures a consistent taste that has built a loyal following. Beyond pizza, Rosati's menu features a wide range of options such as pasta, wings, and sandwiches, catering to various preferences. Their dedication to maintaining the authentic Chicago pizza experience outside of Illinois has allowed Rosati's to expand successfully across the country.

Donatos Pizza

This chain is known for its thin-crust pizza "loaded Edge to Edge" with toppings, and it has a strong presence in the Midwest. Donatos Pizza stands out for its meticulous approach to pizza-making, ensuring each pizza is crafted with precision and care. The brand's philosophy centers on creating a harmonious balance of flavors, which is evident in their use of premium toppings and proprietary cheese blend. Beyond pizza, Donatos also offers a selection of subs, salads, and stromboli, making it a versatile option for diners. The chain's commitment to community involvement and customer satisfaction has solidified its reputation as a beloved local pizza establishment.

Jet’s Pizza

Renowned for its Detroit-style deep-dish pizza and flavored crusts, Jet’s Pizza has a loyal customer base. The brand distinguishes itself with its signature square pizzas and a variety of crust flavor options, including Cajun and garlic, adding an extra layer of customization for customers. Jet's dedication to quality is seen in its use of high-quality ingredients and the careful preparation of its dough and sauces. The chain also caters to a wide range of tastes with its menu options, which include salads, wings, and sandwiches, ensuring there's something for everyone. Jet's Pizza's commitment to providing a superior pizza experience has helped it grow from a single store to a nationwide chain.

Gatti's Pizza

Gatti's is known for its buffet-style serving and variety of pizza options, along with other Italian-American foods. The buffet concept allows customers to sample a wide range of pizzas, pastas, and desserts at an affordable price, making it a popular choice for families and large groups. Gatti's Pizza places a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere, where customers can enjoy quality time over delicious food. The brand's commitment to freshness and variety is evident in its regularly updated buffet offerings. Additionally, Gatti's offers game rooms in many of its locations, providing entertainment that complements the dining experience and enhances its appeal as a family destination.

Ledo Pizza

Famous for its square pizza with a thin crust and sweet sauce, Ledo Pizza offers a unique take on traditional pizza. This distinctive shape and taste profile set Ledo Pizza apart from its competitors, emphasizing its commitment to offering a distinctive dining experience. The brand's history, dating back to 1955, reflects its long-standing tradition of quality and innovation. Ledo Pizza's menu also features a variety of Italian-American favorites, including pasta dishes, salads, and subs, all prepared with the same attention to quality and taste. The company's focus on community engagement, through fundraising and local partnerships, further establishes its reputation as a cherished local eatery with a commitment to giving back.

Pie Five Pizza Co.

This is a fast-casual concept where customers can customize their personal pizzas which are then cooked in less than five minutes. Pie Five Pizza Co. revolutionizes the pizza dining experience by combining speed, efficiency, and customization, catering to the individual preferences of each customer. The brand's innovative approach allows diners to choose from a wide variety of fresh ingredients, sauces, and crusts, including gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring a personalized pizza experience. Pie Five's modern, inviting atmosphere and focus on fresh, quality ingredients appeal to a broad demographic, including health-conscious and dietary-restricted diners. The chain's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is at the heart of its growing popularity among fast-casual restaurants.

Peter Piper Pizza

A family-friendly chain that combines pizza with entertainment, offering a variety of pizzas along with an arcade. Peter Piper Pizza creates an environment where families can enjoy quality food and fun in one location, making it a go-to destination for celebrations and casual gatherings. The brand emphasizes the quality of its handcrafted pizzas, made with dough prepared fresh daily and topped with hand-sliced ingredients. In addition to pizza, the menu includes appetizers, salads, and desserts, catering to all tastes and ages. The arcade, featuring a wide selection of games and prizes, adds an element of excitement and engagement, reinforcing Peter Piper Pizza's commitment to creating memorable family experiences.

Pizza Guys

Pizza Guys is recognized for its commitment to high-quality ingredients and its diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences, including gluten-free and vegan options. The brand prides itself on its artisan approach to pizza making, utilizing freshly made dough, a unique blend of cheeses, and a wide array of toppings to create distinctive and flavorful pizzas. Beyond traditional pizzas, Pizza Guys offers a selection of appetizers, pastas, and salads, making it a versatile choice for diners seeking variety. The chain's focus on customer service and community involvement, including support for local organizations and events, has endeared it to customers and solidified its position as a valued community partner. Pizza Guys' innovative online ordering system and commitment to delivering a consistent, high-quality experience have contributed to its growth and popularity among pizza lovers.

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