Middleby Marshall - 64149 - Conveyer Speed Control Board w/ Digital Display

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Middleby Marshall - 64149 - Conveyer Speed Control Board w/ Digital Display

Replaces Parts: 31020, 37337, 45133 ,28074-0004,28074-0012, 28074-00180, 42810-0133, 58323,60542, 64149

May be used in the following models:PS360 Series(All)
PS200 Series (All)
PS300 Series (All)
PS570 Series (except newest ovens)
PS555 Series (except newest ovens)
Compatible with any other DC brushed Motors*

Bullet Proof Design:

  1. 1. Over current and stall protection.
  2. 2. Smart Control: Displays existing errors and previous errors. Download the Error code guide for Middleby ovens.
  3. 3. Short circuit on motor terminals (bad motor) will not damage control. Every control is bench tested using a locked motor rotor.
  4. 4. Short circuit on speed sensor will not damage control.
  5. 5. Lead reversal on speed sensor will not damage control or sensor.
  6. 6. Short circuit (liquid) in/on the display, will not damage control or display.
  7. 7. Torque sense circuit greatly reduces damage to conveyor belt and motors (from conveyor jams)

Built-in error logging, diagnostics and status display

  1. 1. Over current shutdown
  2. 2. Bad speed sensor diagnostics
  3. 3. Test mode for conveyor system & motor health
  4. 4. Display mode for axial fans efficiency & health - Access control compartment ambient temperature with a press of a button
  5. 5. Error Logging of last error - allows for remote diagnosis (over the phone). Fix oven on first trip.
  6. 6. Manual adjustment mode allows calibration of the time display for  use in non Middleby conveyor ovens.

    *Preloaded speed settings for Middleby ovens - Manual adjustment mode for non-middleby conveyor ovens.Download the Manual-Mode Instructions (PDF

    Motor Voltage: 90 or 130 V DC

    Motor HP: 1/50 to 1/8HP

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