Lincoln Analog Temperature Gauge part # 369029

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Brand new Lincoln Analog Temperature Display with Temperature Probe

Lincoln Original Part# 369029

In stock and ready to quick ship. 

Fits Lincoln Ovens: 
Lincoln 1000  
Lincoln 1001  
Lincoln 1002  
Lincoln 1003  
Lincoln 1004  
Lincoln 1005  
Lincoln 1006  
Lincoln 1022  
Lincoln 1023  
Lincoln 1028  
Lincoln 1029  
Lincoln 1030  
Lincoln 1032  
Lincoln 1033 
Lincoln 1034 
Lincoln 1040  
Lincoln 1041  
Lincoln 1042  
Lincoln 1043  
Lincoln 1046  
Lincoln 1047  
Lincoln 1421000E  
Lincoln 1433000E  
Lincoln 1434000E  
Lincoln 1450   
Lincoln 1451   
Lincoln 1452  
Lincoln 1453  
Lincoln 1454  
Lincoln 1455  
Lincoln 1456   
Lincoln 1457   
Lincoln 1600    
Lincoln 1600000DB 
Lincoln 1601    
Lincoln 1601000DB 
Lincoln 1621000EA  
Lincoln 1622    
Lincoln 1623    
Lincoln 1628    
Lincoln 1628000A  
Lincoln 1629    
Lincoln 1629000A  
Lincoln 1633000EA  
Lincoln 1634000EA 
Lincoln 1646    
Lincoln 1647    
Lincoln 1650    
Lincoln 1651    
Lincoln 1652
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